Monday, 26 August 2013

Leaking Gutters cause Cracked Foundation and Basement Flooding

Do your #gutters look like this during a rainfall ? Leaking damaged gutters are not just an eyesore, the long terms effects can cost #homeowners a fortune in foundation repair years later.

Your leaking & overflowing gutter is saturating the soil surrounding your home and eroding your land and foundation. Over time this will lead to cracks and basement #flooding which can be thousands and thousands of dollars to repair !

Keep your gutters clear and in great condition with a LeafGuard Gutter System from Gutter Depot. 

#LifetimeWarranty & #GoodHouseKeeping Seal.

Save yourself #cash & a lifetime of chores with #LeafGuard Gutters.

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Happy Homeowning,

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Change your Home with a Brand New Garage Door

Looking to make that change to your home this summer, why not consider a brand new garage door. Call today and you could be eligible for our free garage door opener promotion, ask us about the details! We have a beautiful and wide selection of Amarr Garage doors available and we are ready to provide you with a free estimate! Serving Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA! Simply give us a call toll free at 1-888-909-1665 or visit our garage door webpage for more details. #garagedoor #garagedooropeners #toronto #mississauga

wood garage door

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mosquitoes are Killing over 1 Million Annually

#Mosquitoes are Killing over 1 Million Annually - Please Share with Family, Friends and Pet Owners.

#Summernights are wonderful until to start to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. A mosquito bite can be annoying and itchy, but more importantly it could be fatal. Mosquitoes are now known to carry a long list of diseases including #Malaria, Dog Heartworm, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, LaCrosse Encephalitis, Western Equine Encephalitis, and most recently the #WestNileVirus. These diseases can be spread to both humans and pets.

Over 1-million people die annually from mosquito born diseases.

Mosquitoes begin their lives under water. Females will lay their eggs in any standing pool of water they can find, so help prevent the breeding from the start.

Get rid of standing water by keeping your eavestroughs clear and your unused bird baths empty to reduce the breeding grounds.

#PleaseShare with Everyone & Do Your Part

By installing a #LeafGuard system on your home you will prevent standing water in your #eavestrough forever. Installed with a Lifetime Warranty you can eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on your property permanently.


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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maintaining your homes Eavestrough can cost upwards of $300 per year, depending on the size of your home. Over the next 25-30 years that's close to $10,000 ! Save yourself thousands of dollars and years of headaches by installing a Leafguard System. Eliminate ever having to clean, repair or fuss with your gutters - permanently. With a lifetime warranty you can rest assure that you have invested in reliability & value for your home and forever removed "clean the gutters" from your honeys do list. #homeimprovement #honeytodolist #homeowners #save #investments #chores visit for more information
LeafGuard eavestrough

Sunday, 2 June 2013

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Friday, 31 May 2013

How to Prevent Home Break Ins - Please Share
Did you know that 50% of all Burglar Break Ins are Through Your Garage Door!

Top 5 Garage Door Security Tips to Keep your Family and Your Possessions Safe

1. DO NOT leave your garage door open - not even a crack! The smallest of openings is an invitation for crime, even a partially open door is easy access for burglars.
2. Install an Automatic Garage Door Remote Opener - Cracking a security code is nearly impossible to cracking a lock on the front of the door.
3. Frost or Cover Your Garage Door Windows - Windows are easy visibility into your property, or visibilty to access into your home ! The average garage-only break in insurance claim is over $2100, not to mention if your home is also compromised.
4. Invest in a Keychain Remote - Make a habit out of carrying your garage door remote on your keychain. Do not leave the remote visible in the car or on visor clip.
5. Padlock the throw latch on your garage door when you're out of town - If criminals are under the suspicion you are on vacation or away, this can detour them from forcing their way in.

PLEASE SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Overhead Door of America is Central Florida's leading Garage Door Specialist. With a wide range of garage openers, you can increase the value and security of your home with one single purchase. Broken garage doors or doors without openers are easy prey for criminals scoping out your neighborhood. Don't wait call today ! 1-888-965-3667

Wednesday, 22 May 2013